Check the lovely food we will be serving next week!

With vegetarian, vegan and gluten/dairy free options to enjoy!

In order to make sure everyone gets a proper service and to avoid long queues, we have set three different slots.

If you have a green dot, please go to the canteen at 13:00, if you have a yellow dot, please head to the canteen at 13:15 and if you have a red dot, please go to the canteen at 13:30.

Don’t worry, you can stay at the canteen for as long as you’d like, as there is room for everyone down there, but having these slots for ordering the food means shorter waiting times to be served.

There is an accessible entrance and toilets at the canteen.

Please ask our volunteers if you need any help.

🟢 Green dot – 12:45

🟡 Yellow dot – 13:00

🔴 Red dot – 13:15

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