Welcome to DiGRA 2023!

The next edition of the Digital Games Research Association’s annual conference will take place in Seville, Spain, June 19-23, 2023.

Please refer to the Call for Papers of the conference for complete guidelines for participation.

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Limits and Margins of Games

The DiGRA 2023 committee is particularly interested in exploring the limits and margins of digital and non-digital gaming.

The negotiation of limits and margins, and their evaluation over time, constitutes the necessary re-centering operation that modern game studies have been developing since their birth in the late 1990s.

As a result of these concerns, and with the aim of building an international framework for a dialogue about them, we propose the Limits and Margins of Games as the central theme of DiGRA 2023.

The Venues

Main venue

The Faculty of Communication of the University of Seville, also known as FCom, is located in the Cartuja Science and Technology Park. The building dates from 2003 and houses the Audiovisual Communication, Journalism, and Advertising and Public Relations degrees, as well as several official master’s degrees and doctoral programs.

Additional venue

CaixaForum is a cultural center managed by the «la Caixa» Foundation, inaugurated in 2017. The building has two exhibition halls, an auditorium, and two multipurpose rooms.

The City

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